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Times are uncertain and tough, now more than ever, South Africans need an insurer they can trust. We have been safeguarding our clients’ worlds for more than 25 years and will continue to do so through this pandemic and beyond. Clientèle encourages all South African’s to get fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Your vaccination status will not affect your Clientèle premiums. Clientèle has not increased premiums due to COVID-19.

Full cover is provided for COVID-19 related claims after the waiting period. If you are fully vaccinated, we will waive the waiting period for COVID-19 related claims and cover for a COVID-19 related death claim will commence upon receipt of the first premium. All other policy Ts & Cs remain.


  • From R250 per month;
  • Pays between R25,000 and R100,000;
  • Over R110,000 family cover from less than R2 per person per day;
  • Cover up to 13 people on 1 plan;
  • Pays out within just 24 hours;
  • Includes a grocery and unveiling benefit;
  • Double Accidental death benefit for the main member;
  • Enhanced Benefits: You will have access to a 24 hour funeral helpline where professionals will assist you with various aspects of the funeral arrangements, like grief counselling, repatriation of the body and discounted rates with various funeral suppliers.

The only Funeral Plan that pays back all your premiums for the deceased member – in addition to your full cover amount, with a valid death claim.

  • NEW BENEFIT: As the main member, if you start your policy before age 50, you have the option to receive 50% of your premiums back in cash at age 65. The remaining 50% of premiums will be paid back to your beneficiaries upon death;
  • From R270 per month;
  • Pays between R20,000 and R100,000;
  • Up to R100,000 individual cover;
  • Up to R500,000 family cover;
  • 3 Children covered at no additional cost;
  • Pays within 24 hours;
  • R200 airtime when you claim;
  • Includes grocery, unveiling and transport benefit;
  • Cover up to 13 people on 1 plan;
  • 24 Hour funeral helpline.

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